I am Fahri Özkaramanlı, a visual communication designer living in İstanbul, interested in exploring the interrelation between people and technology through design.

I am the Co-Founder and Lead Designer at Parasut.com, a design first financial management application in pursuit of helping Turkish SMEs leverage technology to better understand and control their financial condition.Check out http://parasut.com for more information in Turkish.

I occasionally design websites and identities for my friends’ friends. My work is inspired by the dynamics of our technologically mediated lifestyle, striving to be honest to its medium and responsible for the message it delivers.Visit http://faal.co for my freelance work.

Finally, I have been working on detecting and analyzing patterns to streamline processes in creative workflows. The following self initiated projects are a result of this endeavour;


Wordmark.it is my first project within this context. It is an online tool to help people choose fonts for their projects. It is fast, efficient and productive.Try it at http://wordmark.it


Cedvel is an application for designing grid systems. It aims to ease the grid design process and enable people to explore different alternatives rather than relying on conventional structures.Test it at http://cedvel.com


Default UI lists all the default HTML user interface elements for modifying and taking screenshots to be used in wireframe designs. If you design wireframes you may need it once in a while.Bookmark it at http://defaultui.com

I have BA and MFA degrees in Visual Communication Design from İstanbul Bilgi University where I also taught Web Design and various other courses throughout the last seven years.

I practice and teach a combination of Human Centered and Content Driven design.

You can contact me for commercial projects or just to say hi. Here are some ways to reach me. Studio — http://faal.co Email — fahri@fahrio.com Twitter — http://twitter.com/fahrio Linked In — http://linkedin.com/in/fahrio Dribbble — http://dribbble.com/fahrio Behance — http://behance.net/fahrio

Thanks for reading.